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  • Each blind box contains 4 to 5 exclusive collectibles; this box includes two exclusive Pop! vinyls, a pin, a decal, and a tee shirt!
  • The best of the Marvel universe! Created and curated by Funko, delivered by Amazon, this subscription box is designed to delight Marvel fans, Funko Funatics, and everyone in between.
  • Every other month, a new Marvel Collector Corps subscription box is released, and each box has a different theme and offers a hint to the theme of the next subscription box.
  • Celebrate your favorite Super Heroes, Antiheroes, Super Villains, and Marvel moments by subscribing today!

Please Note: Imported Pre-order products cannot be changed or cancelled, please refer to our T&C prior to placing any preorders. Please also be aware the outer collectors box may have some signs of wear & tear. We will not be accepting returns on this item as it is sealed on delivery. We can't guarantee condition of the items inside.