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PRE-ORDER - One Piece Card Game Booster Display [OP-10]

SKU: 2765985
ETA: 21st MARCH 2025

One Piece Card Game Booster Display [OP-10]

OP-10 is Bandai's 10th Booster Pack for the One Piece Card Game! This set sees the return to Dressrosa! The Donquixote Pirates – led by Donquixote Doflamingo – are now available in new colours, which will open up a range of new strategies.

A variety of powerful characters are also included. This pack shines the spotlight on characters from the Punk Hazard arc such as Caesar Clown and Monet. It also features many cards that strengthen Land of Wano and ODYSSEY-type cards.

With the new cards available, players can combine them in existing decks to strengthen them. What's more, decks built around the new cards are powerful enough to give newcomers a chance to compete with experienced players!

Rarities: There are 126 + 1 card types to collect

  • 6 Leaders
  • 45 Common
  • 30 Uncommon
  • 26 Rare
  • 10 Super Rare
  • 2 Secret Rare
  • 6 Special Card
  • 1 Treasure Rare
  • 1 DON!! Card


  • 1 Booster display includes 24 packs
  • 1 Booster pack includes 12 cards