The Simpsons - I’d Sell My Soul For This Pop! Vinyl Bundle (Set of 7)

The Simpsons - I’d Sell My Soul For This Pop! Vinyl Bundle (Set of 7) - Rogue Online Pty Ltd


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The Simpsons - I’d Sell My Soul For This Pop! Vinyl Bundle (Set of 7)

It's the annual tradition every Simpsons fan can't wait for, where our favourite four-fingered family step outside the normal parameters of reality and terrify us with three bone-chilling (yet hilarious) horror stories to celebrate Halloween. It's of course the Treehouse Of Horror specials!

Whether it's Principal Skinner turning the schoolkids into tomorrow's lunch, Devil Flanders sending Homer to hell for eating a forbidden donut, or Homer entering the 3rd dimension (did anyone see that movie Tron?), the Treehouse of Horror specials were always something this Simpsons tragic absolutely adored. For a whole generation it was essentially an introduction to the horror genre, I mean, how many of you still refer to The Shining as The Shinning?

Yes there's no denying that The Simpsons is one of the greatest television shows of all time, giving an entire generation of Australians an alternative to the 6pm news report. Remember the days of being glued to the TV watching Simpsons marathons when boring stuff like the Olympics were on the other channel? Those were the days.

Well Funko's cromulent new wave of Simpsons Treehouse of Horror Pop! Vinyl figures are here and they are sure to embiggen your lives! Included here we've got Zombie Bart riding his skateboard, as well as Bart & Maggie in their Alien cosplay (complete with Chestburster), Homer as the Grim Reaper from Reaper Madness, Vampire Krusty from Terror in Tiny Toon, Marge as the Witch from Easy Bake Coven, Homer as the Jack-in-the-Box from Bart's Nightmare, as well as the incredible Devil Flanders from The Devil and Homer Simpson.


- Devil Flanders Pop! Vinyl Figure
- Homer Simpson as Jack-in-the-Box Pop! Vinyl Figure
- Marge Simpson as Witch Pop! Vinyl Figure
- Vampire Krusty Pop! Vinyl Figure
- Grimer Reaper Homer Pop! Vinyl Figure
- Zombie Bart Simpso Pop! Vinyl Figure
- Bart Simpson with Chestburster Maggie Pop! Vinyl Figure