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Naruto Next Gen - Boruto - Hashirama Senju Deluxe Exclusive Pop! Vinyl

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Naruto Next Gen - Boruto - Hashirama Senju Deluxe Pop! Vinyl

Build a formidable Boruto: Naruto Next Generations collection with Pop! Deluxe Hashirama Senju. Deluxe Hashirama Senju attaches to the base of a part of Hokage Rock, where rooftops and stairs lead to his face, carved on the rock behind him. Hashirama Senju envisioned Hokage Rock, so that it would stand guard over Konohagakure. Pop! Deluxe Hashirama Senju is one of 7 figures that connect to form the iconic structure. Collect all 7! Vinyl figure is approximately 8.85-inches tall.

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