Funko's 2023 New York Convention Exclusive product release is scheduled for 12:01AM Saturday the 14th of October AEDT (Midnight Friday Night!) 

Please read the following guide carefully to ensure you are up to speed on the release, so you can avoid running into issues on the day.

All Funko Convention Exclusive items are subject to per-person limits unless indicated otherwise. Due to the restrict policies our suppliers place on these products, there will not be any changes or cancellations allowed, please be aware of our policies prior to placing any orders!

Stock of Funko Convention Exclusive products are highly limited so to best ensure you don’t miss out we recommend that you pick the products you would most like to add to your collection and checkout with them immediately. Please be aware that ADDING AN ITEM TO YOUR CART DOES NOT RESERVE THIS ITEM and as such your order is NOT GUARANTEED until you have completed the checkout process. If someone manages to check-out before you, you may miss out on your desired item.

The demand for these Funko Convention Exclusive products is much higher than the quantity that are made available for sale. As such, Rogue Online are unable to assist you if something sells from your cart before you are able to check out, and will not be held responsible in the event this takes place.

Please note that the time chosen to start the event is not to benefit any customers or customers location. The release time is given to us by our suppliers and we cannot release Funko Convention Exclusive products prior to the advertised time. These events may start outside of our standard business hours in order to be in line with the product launch times provided to us by our suppliers. 

Shipping Times

Due to the amount of orders that will be made during these Funko Convention Exclusive events, our order dispatch times will be longer than the usual 24-48 hour timeframe that we aim for. We will be reallocating resources to ensure that all orders are dispatched as quickly as possible, however please be aware that in purchasing these Convention Exclusive items, you are confirming that you are aware that it may take up to 18 business days for your order to be dispatched once stock has arrived in our warehouse. We do appreciate your patience during these peak times, and ask that you please refrain from contacting us about this delay in the meantime as this will delay us further. 

Shipping costs for multiple orders will not be cancelled or merged. 

To be fair to all collectors out there trying to get their hands on these limited products, please make sure you follow the rules set up. Breaking the outlines rules of the event not only spoils the experience for all collectors, but adds unnecessary work for our team and simply slows down the process of getting you your items. 


Due to stock limitations All Funko Convention Exclusives will be sent out the way that Rogue Online has received this stock from Funko. We will not be held liable, nor is there any recourse if the item you receive has a different sticker than that pictured or is un-stickered. All Funko Convention Exclusives products regardless of whether they have a sticker will be treated as an exclusive item.

We package products properly and securely for your peace of mind however; If your item arrives with damaged packaging due to postal services please take the package and all products to your local post office and lodge an insurance claim as we are not responsible for any damage that happens while in transit to you.