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The Simpsons - An Embiggening Pop! Vinyl Bundle (Set of 7)

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Pops! Come with our Premium & Exclusive 0.5mm Pop Protectors!

The Simpsons - An Embiggening Pop! Vinyl Bundle (Set of 7)

“Mmmmmm.... Pop! Vinyls”

It’s official, the most cromulent Pop! Vinyl Figures have escaped from Springfield and are looking to embiggen your Funko collection!

The Simpsons is one of the greatest television shows of all time, giving an entire generation of Australians an alternative to the 6pm news report. Remember the days of being glued to the TV watching Simpsons marathons when boring stuff like the Olympics were on the other channel? Those were the days.

Funko's latest wave features some old favourites as well as some newbies to the Pop! line including Chief Wiggum, Barney Gumble, Duffman (Ohhhh yeahhhh), Itchy & Scratchy, as well as Bart in his Mafia suit from 'Bart The Murderer', and Homer showing his love of all things USA.


- Duffman Pop! Vinyl Figure
- Chief WIggum Pop! Vinyl Figure
- Barney Gumble Pop! Vinyl Figure
- Itchy Pop! Vinyl Figure
- Scratchy Pop! Vinyl Figure
- Mafia Bart Pop! Vinyl Figure
- Homer USA Pop! Vinyl Figure